My name is Charlotte, and I am glad you are taking the time to learn more about me. Given my status as an esteemed VIP escort in Vegas, you can trust my adult entertainment services are top-notch and never rushed. I pride myself in never leaving a new friend disappointed. You may be curious what type of services I provide:

-Companion services in Las Vegas I offer include, but are not limited to, social engagements, formal events and casual dates. First-time Vegas visitors appreciate my ability to tailor a date for the two of us encompassing their interests and preferences.

-I am available to party poolside if you have a propensity toward being the envy of every man soaking in the sun as they watch my flawless form cater to you and only you. Nothing sets our escape in motion like a barely there bikini! 

-In-room entertainment is my specialty with or without an outside-your-room excursion serving as an appetizer to our main course! Upon my arrival, we become acquainted for a short bit before you are afforded a sultry sample of what I have all for you under the clothes. Our encounter progresses as my layers make their way onto the floor. We are left with our imaginations and desires to design our evening from that point forward. 

-Bachelor parties in Las Vegas are always more fun when I am on the scene. I can dress in a sexy costume to accommodate a theme or the group’s preferences. I engage all men in the room who are into it and am respectful of those with limitations. I facilitate a great, memorable time for every man in the room and ensure the bachelor party is epic. I do work with a handful of girls from Bunnies of Las Vegas, you can find my profile here. If you do decide to book me for a Bachelor Party event please do so here on my site and I can arrange other girls from Bunnies if you let me know who you'd like!

-Couples visiting Vegas seeking a sassy break love how at ease they are in my presence. I am entirely welcoming and accommodating, which is especially important when the rendezvous is a first-time experience for one or both of you. 

Are you looking for something I have not mentioned here? Give me a call! I love surprises, but am rarely surprised. Those who surprise me are thanked accordingly! I would love to be the gift you give yourself while staying and playing in Sin City. Give me a call at (702) 560-5789 so I am able to be your sexy secret.